day 276: professor professor

Last night, a welcome letter zoomed into my mailbox. It was from the professor I first contacted for biomedical engineering admissions, whose research in biomimetics of the human hand excites and entices me. He may indeed have room for a graduate student! Hooray! And I may qualify for scholarships!

Also I have two confirmed recommenders and will write to my old boss for the third. He is out on Fridays so I’ll be in his inbox (hopefully at the top!) first thing Monday morning. With two letters for old professors and one from a boss (literal and figurative) I think I’ll be good to go. I’ll send my transcripts and GRE scores in and hopefully have word by mid-November!

In the meantime, I am looking for a paying job, keeping up with my coursework, and crossing my fingers for a scholarship. The stipend will be small, but I can remedy that next year. In particular, I will switch my studying from the MCAT to the general GRE and kill it in April. Then I’ll apply for a fancy grant in the fall and get a bigger stipend and we’ll be all set to go woo hoo woo hoo.

So, that’s it folks, that’s the plan.

The professors have been wonderful: old, new, in between. I wrote to six of them today and they all wrote back, remembering me or wanting to meet me. Thank you thank you thank you.





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