day 273: bumble bee

Today began in a frenzy: my stomach flip-flopped on the way to work, mangled with uncertainy of the future. Was this to be my last day? With the government shutdown, this unpaid girl would officially be off the payroll. I could walk out with the rest of them. And then what? Tomorrow is a mystery.

I left work to pray at a church down the road. Sometimes the presence of the Blessed Sacrament makes me feel a little bit closer to God. I begged for help and guidance. But the hopelessness remained.

Until, that is, I talked to my dad. The ideas scattered through my consciousness coalesced to form a plan I can follow. Talking to him, everything makes sense. He’s so wise. Suddenly, over a cup of tea in the summer-like breeze I could smile through my tears. So here’s the plan: biomedical (biomechanical) engineering, Ph.D., booya.


Also, a bee was in my car today. Sometimes the things that sting the most make the best honey.





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