day 271: dream big dream job

This popped up in my inbox today:

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 9.34.34 PM

Yes, I’ve written a cover letter, cleaned up my resume, attached my transcript, submitted my application, upgraded to a premium account on LinkedIn, in-mailed two recruiters, and tweeted the news. The process began on Friday, and Saturday was a fury of writing which tired me so that I did not offer a great writeup last night. For that I apologize. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

What? You might exclaim. What about becoming an orthopedic surgeon to professional or college athletes? Friends, I am keeping my options open. My doctor path is not ending, but I will not close myself off to opportunities in the meantime.

It felt great to apply to this job. What, exactly, is a Scientific Coordinator?

Scientific Coordinator,
Whitespace Innovation Team
in•vent: to produce or contrive (something previously unknown) by the use of ingenuity or imagination
lululemon athletica
Founded in 1998 in beautiful Vancouver, BC lululemon athletica creates components for people to help live long, healthy and fun lives.
Whitespace and why we need you…
The Whitespace team shapes, surprises and engineers delight into the future guest experience through advanced innovation principles. We go beyond classic research and development methodologies into the realm of possibility for both body and mind within all of the places that our guests & lululemon choose to play together. We need you to collaborate across all seasonal and long ranging developments, bringing organized scientific rigor to lululemon’s sweat testing (aka product testing) and validation activities.
A day in the life of a Scientific Coordinator
Good morning! Your yoga session today has been just the right preparation for the calendar and growing database that awaits your arrival at the office. Overnight, the myriad of global sweat testers has filled your inbox with some exciting results. Your brain churns through the feedback, you update your beautiful and user-friendly interface and get excited that this work could be published and you might get to hang out at some amazing conference. Enough with the day dreaming though, you have a meeting with the raw materials team to help plan a study for that amazing new fabric. It is going to be a tricky one, not least because your calendar is telling you that the sweat testers are almost maxed out. It is a good thing that crazy calendar management is fun to you. This time the functionality is so unique though that a new experiment will need to be designed and even the Workshop does not have the right equipment. No time to pause, moving fast and working around compromises is what this role is all about and besides the local universities are your best buddies and always happy to help. After lunch you join your Whitespace teammates in presenting the findings of the 2-year health study that has been part of keeping you busy and the whole product team are invited. You thrive in this collaborative way of life, you can’t wait to share your experience and educate the science of the stuff. In fact, it is no accident that your organizational skills have brought you to this job that you love, working with the greatest products and facilities in the world to assist in exploring their capabilities and potential. By the time 5:30 rolls around, you’ve hit a target, set a goal and changed the world just a little bit.
The finer print
  • You have a Materials, Product, Design or Science & Technology background or perhaps it’s all of the above
  • You have a passion for starting a career in R&D
  • You have depth and breadth across multiple, complex and simultaneous projects
  • You are a coordination and time management guru
  • You educate and you never stop educating yourself, your desk is your personal lab
  • You sweat every day because you are the best product tester you know

In short, it is a dream job. Not the only dream job, but definitely a candidate. Now the wait to see if I convinced them that I am a good candidate.

Fingers crossed while working hard.




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