day 266: wait, 100 days?

100 days left of officially mandated daily posts. What a trip; it’s hard to believe 100 short days separate now and the new year. And this new year will bring with it so very many new things: MCATs, biology, a little bean, and surprises galore. Sweet boom is taking this not-so-much-a-milestone-as-a-bread-crumb anniversary in her usual nine o’clock stride: curled up with legs daintily crossed beneath her tucked chin.

How fast these hours fly. It seems just moments ago I awoke a touch too early, willing myself out of bed for forty-five minutes. And now, willing myself into bed for a night-time forty-five minutes.

Good night folks. 100 more days. Speaking of 100.





2 thoughts on “day 266: wait, 100 days?

    • warriorgirl, you’ve brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for saying so; it’s much more than I deserve. And your journey: it gives me strength to tackle mine.

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