day 265: intramolecular forces

This morning began early, but not bright. No sir, the sun had two more hours to sleep than I and he was enjoying it to the very last second. A and little boom walked me to my car and I drove off to the gym. My injury still whispers to me in the night so I’m taking it easy as can be, but no matter how slight it feels good to move. Today was four tabatas: calorie row, goblet squats, weighted abmat situps, and pushups. My lowest scores, respectively, were 4, 9, 8, and 5. Pretty small, but I’m not going to bash myself for it.

Then a quick trip home to retrieve my forgotten breakfast, a sweet boomer kiss and off I went to work. I was greeted by the sweetest email, which put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. A said he was proud of me. Work was work: I fit some studying in around spectra-collection and got an analysis off and running. Then I drove back to home sweet home and my beauteous pup.

Studying was the plan for the hours between work and bed, but tutoring ruled the day. Chatting with my papa and la’M brightened my day by multitudes. Two sections done today and five more call my name, but they may be delayed until the ‘morrow. Solutes and solvents will haunt my dreams, along with all the intramolecular forces that make them tick.

What are my intramolecular forces? I know what they ought to be: prudence, justice, temperance, and courage; faith, hope, and love. Are they? It’s up to me to make them so. He loves me.







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