day 262: pinteresting…

Something about fall just makes me want to nom nom nom. But my gut/brain connection just cannot decide between sweet and savory. Which, of course, means I crave the best thing that has both: peanut butter and apple butter sammiches on honest-to-goodness whole wheat bread.

Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen again in my lifetime. No siree, I’m too far down this paleo rabbit hole.

But, but, geniuses and giants walk before me to unveil a realm where paleo bread is possible and something called sunbutter might just outdo my yearned-for chunky JIFF and creamy Peter Pan. Of course apple butter is perfectly paleo if you make it yourself or personally procure a jar from Toigo Orchards.

Back to that bread: I’ve narrowed the field to three candidates. Perhaps by Sunday I’ll satisfy my desires for that best sandwich ever created which conflict so with my journey toward superhero-ness.


Check out my Pinterest for the three candidates and more deliciousness like brown butter snicker doodles and banana bread truffles yummmmm.



p.s. I’m gonna smash my exam tomorrow.


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