day 260: chowdah and a diene


by: Robert Frost (1874-1963)

Twas too lonely for her there,
And too wild,
And since there were but two of them,
And no child,

And work was little in the house,
She was free,
And followed where he furrowed field,
Or felled tree.

She rested on a log and tossed
The fresh chips,
With a song only to herself
On her lips.

And once she went to break a bough
Of black alder.
She strayed so far she scarcely heard
When he called her–

And didn’t answer–didn’t speak–
Or return.
She stood, and then she ran and hid
In the fern.

He never found her, though he looked
And he asked at her mother’s house
Was she there.

Sudden and swift and light as that
The ties gave,
And he learned of finalities
Besides the grave.

As lonely, as wild, as free as I am, I would never ever leave.

This life is too good, this man is too wonderful.

Robert Frost was from that great state of New England, also home to the best chowder ever made. Yes, yes I know New England isn’t a state but boy is it something else. When we lived in Rhode Island, we attended a chowder festival where hundreds upon hundreds of homemade chowders were served to us in little piping hot cups of creamy flavor. They even had a section of Manhattan chowder. It stands out as one of the best days of my life.

Today, in a desperate and ultimately fruitless search for a decaf almond milk latte (never had but oddly craved), I walked by Whole Foods’ soup bar. Front and center was a clam chowder that smelled like heaven but might as well have been poison for as much as I wanted to eat those oddly named fillers.

I’ve found some good recipes but am loath to try them considering my recent kitchen failures. The count is in the double digits, and this in just the past two weeks.  It’s getting expensive. Anyway, I’ll report back with the results.

In other news, I crushed my nomenclature exam today. It’s good I finally learned how to name chemicals, it’s making MCAT examining far more comprehensible. Today I am studying Chapters 13 through 16 for an Organic Chemistry test on Saturday. Dienes were the final topic of the night. So fun.

Tomorrow is another sleeping-in sort of day. Yes I realize I am a gym loser but sleep is sweet, and gym-my days will come.




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