day 256: the day of the five hour nap

Yesterday ended late and today started early. A five am wake up call after a midnight bedtime makes for a sour combination. But I finished my organic homework and the lab in record time, escaping campus by 10 am, two hours earlier than expected.

Boom and I took advantage of the time and strolled to the coffee shop. She waited so patiently outside while I ordered my decaf breve latte, just like a big girl. I was so proud. We sat in the cool fall air, I nursing my drink and writing letters, boom warding off the other dogs and keeping my feet warm.

Then we went on a short trip to McLean to get the cheapest gas in town. When we finally arrived home, exhaustion overwhelmed us and we surrendered.


Five hours later, Notre Dame is being beat by Purdue, boo.

The sleep was wonderful, but eating’s been rough. I don’t want anything, it all sounds unappetizing. Even ice cream. I just need to find a way to trick myself to eat. Pulling on the magic gloves ;)




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