day 252: breathless

Today, I got my appliance. Goodbye goodbye TMJ, I will not miss you one eensie weensie bit.

In the meantime, I have to learn how to talk, and eat, and smile, and breathe. Yes indeed breathing’s a chore. Just ask Trident. The workout crushed me today: what a dizzy tizzy. 15 pushups, 20 air squats, 25 ab mat situps, 400m row times 5 (I only did time 4.5.) It was fun getting back in the gym, but little foot is still lame. Caution, Cohen, caution.

The boom just left to bed. I still have a few more study hours left. Plus a few more hours to get used to this awful taste in my mouth–blech.

Seeya tomorrow fools. Pray for me, that all this job stuff will be sorted soon enough.




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