day 245: oh man time to cram

Well, look at me, cramming for exam-ing. Sheldon Cooper would shake his head. KT of yesteryear would shake her head. Yes, all the world is shaking its head.

But guess what — it will all work out alright.

Today is a happy day. Happy happy happy.


Tomorrow is Microbiology Chapters 1, 3, and 10.

Thursday is Chemistry Chapter 12 and Lab Safety.

Friday is the exam for those.

Saturday is Organic Chapter 14.

And all around the watchtower is Raman Raman Raman. With all this fun, I just wanna dance. (Cue Napoleon Dynamite.) Joy is in the air, folks, and busy is on the table.

Time to cook up some veggies and be responsible, then back to the books.

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3 thoughts on “day 245: oh man time to cram

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