day 238: toeing the line

I kinda sorta got in trouble yesterday. Not huge trouble, but my boss was looking for me and I wasn’t there. I was at my doctor’s appointment. I told her about it last week (and emailed her) but she seems to have forgotten. She wrote saying she came looking for me. She did not seem angry, yet I worry that I’ve lost the bit of trust she professed the other week. I must continually work to impress upon her that I am a good worker, a valuable asset. I may have failed in another small way by leaving at 1500 yesterday (before she left.)  Perhaps I should stick around later today; not too much later, though, for I have a tutoring appointment.

It will be nice to make a few extra bucks.

Life isn’t supposed to be easey, but I hate when it’s the type of hard that I don’t know how to fix. I don’t know how to make reliable money right now. I don’t know how to ensure I’ll get a paycheck in October. I don’t know how to act like myself around my boss, the me I know I can be: the me I was at the Rock with the two best bosses anyone could want. I guess I just have to work hard, focusing not on fixing the deficiencies, but on being myself and completing my tasks well and with enthusiasm. I have to stop obsessing over what other people think of me.  With this, the fixing will come. I make my own problems.

WOD: I don’t even know how to describe it. But I went.

MCAT: stereochemistry





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