day 237: car troubles 101

Hello hello dear wicked world,

My noncholant attitude toward my car has finally caught up with me, in the form of it just won’t start.  I feel terrible for A: he’s been worried about our silver chariot for months (every time it needs an oil change) and I brush it off like a fly. Now, he’s probably kicking himself for not getting it checked out sooner. I hope not. It’s definitely, definitely my fault.

Needless to say, the morning was exciting. I turned the key to no avail until my cab showed up and brought me to Mom and Dad’s, where I hopped in la’M’s car and sped to the doctor’s, already late.

I waited in his office for another hour, until he had an opening, and my condition was lain before me. I have the jaw of a 70-year-old, with full-blown arthritis and three deformations. My medial opening is 7 mm shorter than it should be and laterally I’m missing 14 mm to the left and 6 mm to the right. Fixing it will be costly: $250 per appointment and $4200 for the original workup plus whatever the appliance costs. I think it’s worth it, given that if I don’t fix it I face Parkinson’s onset in the next 5 years and slow devolvement into constant pain. Speaking of which, the doctor gave me an ENT workup and commented with the number and sensitivity of trigger points in my head and neck, it’s surprising anyone can stand me at all. It seems such muscle knots make people irritable. Perhaps A can confirm :) Poor family, forced to deal with an expensive, moody KT all the time. 

I muse upon my decision to quit my job with great regret. I question whether it was wise to leave so soon, and necessary to leave at all. I hope dearly that within the next months I will again receive a steady paycheck and will be able to contribute to the immense investment we are undergoing. I look with nothing but gratitude upon my husband who is sticking by in sickness so very soon after he vowed to do just that, though he surely imagined we would have plenty of years of health to enjoy before such a time would come.

I pray that this is not a dead end, that I made the right decision about our future and my role in it, and that I have the strength to carry forth in these undetermined times.




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