day 231: single

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies” I don’t know the rest of the words to the song lalalalalalalala

The boom and I have been single this week. No A in sight (he’s off on adventures) (work adventures…boo.) And what do two happy girls like us do on a night alone?



And go for long walks and take impromptu naps and sleep in ’til the sun wakes us up and engage in some much needed girl-talk and play fetch and lift bars (or, in boom’s case, jump over bars.)

I had big plans for our night on the town. Well, no, it wasn’t going to be on the town. But we were going to make pretty packages and clean the house from the front door to the bedroom and organize the fridge. I ended up cutting her hair instead. And, obviously, goofing off (see above.)

So, this afternoon, before A’s arrival, I will do all I planned to do yesterday. As well as more training and more studying.

Tomorrow, school begins.




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