day 226: slumber plunder

Today’s number: 3. 3 hours on the couch, collapsed in heady fatigue.

Before the poppies kicked in (no I swear no poppies but sometimes I do feel like Dorothy) the boom and I walked to the dog park. Good walk, good company. Boomer is literally my best friend.

I also filled out forms for my TMJ dysfunction consultation. There are a lot more yeses than nos on the list of symptoms. Hopefully TMJd is the answer, and with a splint to fix my jaw this age of slumber plunder will pass. The snoozing is cramping my style. I gotta study.

WOD: fs 8 #85, 6 #95, 6 #100, 6 #105. EMOM 12 minutes 1 deadlift 1 squat clean 1 fs #95, max fs on last minute.

MCAT: titrations




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