day 223: open gym, open jaw

Big new today folks, big big news: Trident CrossFit is rolling out open gym.


I will have a full hour every week to work on: pullups, rings, perfecting Oly, and otherwise becoming a BAMF.

Also I’ve decided to get an MRI of my jaw, for possible TMJD. The hip, the shoulder, the back, the neck have been crackling and grinding a bit too long for comfort. After finally getting shipped off to physical therapy and continuing to see only minimal results, I did not want to fall down the rabbit hole of more MRIs and more moolah streaming through my fingers.

BUT Rose performed BioFeedback on my delt last Friday and lo and behold my right side popped and locked whenever I talked. Sweet nothings, no wonder I tend toward silence. If I talk to you it takes a lot out of me; my entire right side is getting a workout.

So that’s that. Goodbye money, hello promises. Maybe this time they won’t be empty.

WOD: Partner Angie. And my air squat sucks! Time for some serious tissue mashing. Open sesame, hip oh hip.

MCAT: dynamics




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