day 222: put it in your pocket


Sunday light streamed through the blinds onto our toes, warming us from the bottom up. The day began at a sweet seven o’clock, with boomer’s big stretches and wide yawns.

A and I got our coffee then stopped at Whole Foods for a few forgotten foods. I laughed at the teacup orchids, so tiny in their stance.

Upon our return the boom failed to open her open door, so hesitant were her nudges. We’ve been experimenting, leaving her free to roam when we leave. Nonetheless she stays in her cave.

The rest of the morning was partitioned by snapshots of newer favorite songs: clarity, gone gone gone, the cup song, summer sadness, stubborn love…

Plantain frying. Coffee grinding.

Then a long walk. We spotted a lost dog, and were so happy ours was in our arms.

Naps. Showers.

Nausea sans pizza.

And now the wind-down.

WOD: none.

MCAT: dynamics



catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
never let it fade away
— perry como


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