day 220: the kids and the cookies

Friday: the best day of the week gets better when work is work from home. Power through the morning hours and the afternoon is free and easy, pregnant with the promise of the weekend.

Summer Fridays were not so distinguished during my school years. To quote Dash Incredible: “when everyone’s special, no one is.” And so it goes for M and H now. We shared our afternoons and as they carried on about Vine compilations and Eagle scout projects I wistfully imagined myself in their high school shoes.

I would go back for the surf, but overall I’m satisfied with where I am in my life right now.

In addition to adventuring about Trident CrossFit (I forgot my house key in A’s car) and retrieving M’s car from the repair shop (fo free ‘cus she got her flirt on) we baked Against All Grain’s Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Spot. On.

Also H’s interest in CrossFit was piqued!!!! He was super impressed, witnessing A’s legless rope climbs and Noel’s multiple 40″ box jumps. Then he got sucked into Cinco I and Cinco II reruns and even played with our bar for a bit. Finally he ate ALL the paleo cookies in true CrossFit form ;)

Get the recipe at Against All Grain!

Confession: no workout or MCAT today.

After I was dry-needled in my trap and my lat, we returned to my parents house for a romping round of Apples to Apples which A proudly won with the help of this gem:


And finally we came home to a new mattress. We’re wary of it; it looked like a dead gorilla on our doorstep. Now unwrapped, unsuctioned, and unrolled it seems a sleeping device, but only a proper night’s snooze will tell true.

So with that, goodnight world.




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