day 215: zoology

The morning began with an alarm: early church then NoSo for work and study and sweet sweet coffee. And bacon. We set out with a mission: stealth knowledge acquisition. And people watching. We waved at the children, blowed bubbles at the babies, awwwwed at the old folk and stalked Korean/Japanese hipsters. All while understanding information on equilibrium and lock gears that eluded us through the week.

In the middle of our NoSo antics, I said to A: “let’s ride our bikes to the zoo sometime.” Five minutes later, la’M calls and says “let’s go to the zoo!” So I threw away my plans to GWOD (100 pushups, 100 v-ups, snatches and ohss as I got tired) and set off on a zoological survey.


la’M was perched atop a baby bear cub encased in stone. No no just a sculpture but it was still fairly lifelike. I had plans to climb atop its back but the height deterred me. In addition to carved rocks and triceratops-look-alikes we saw elephants and cheetahs and otters and sea lions and gazelle and zebra and vultures and cheetahs again. My pictures of the animals are nothing much to see. But my pictures of these pictures are pretty epic.

Part supérieur


Part inférieur


Five of us in a photo booth, acting like a pride of lions. These are the crazy hazy lazy days of summer.

24 hours that are easy like a Sunday morning. It’s been all smiles on this girl’s cheeks. Now for a little more research, a little more reflection, and a lot of rest for this week’s adventures.


p.s. Also my husband loves sprinkles. Who knew?


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