day 204: fitness for days

That’s right, it’s the return of the CrossFit Games. CrossFit 2013. My girl Lindsey B. isn’t competing this round, but I’ll still be watching and tracking with feverish intent.

It’s a new playing field with a different vibe; it’s one that I’ll go to one day. I -will- make it to regionals. I’ll be patient. Then I’ll plan for even more.

I have a new nephew! (YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!) Yup, I’m an aunt times four. Could I be any more blessed?

I’m not doing so well on the blog today. Probably because I’m fascinated by duck dynasty on the TV and CrossFit on the other tab. The Robertsons are getting themselves a beehive. Good job Phill. Good job Cole.

Takeaway from today: meltdowns should be short-lived, then it’s time to make the best of the situation. I’m actually doing it in this case. Tomorrow I go to the gym in the morning, then work, then stay calm through the traffic on the way home. It will all be A-OK.

Keep working hard, kiddos.




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