day 203: kickin it

Saw the kiddos today. They’re the sweetest, just two little breakdancing nailpainting angels.

Family: I’m meant to be with them. When I’m away, I get a sad inside. Even if it’s for just half a day, my little heart begs to see them.

Dr. Bird told me I need to change my hours. This puts me in the car, away from them and doing nothing useful, for another hour at least. An hour there, hopefully a hour and a quarter back but probably more.

It threw me for a spin. When will I get home at night…6? 7?

They say you’re good when you can make your work your life. I think it’s better when you can make your life your work. I’m aiming toward that. A few sacrifices now could be the ticket for us later.

God, if you’re closing a door right now, please open a window soon; I have to figure out how to get back to my family and stay a while.




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