day 200: invisible light

Invisibility cloak mockup: all you’d need is a fabric that reflects incident light only at IR or UV levels. It could be a lotion, too. Sweet.


I love my life. It’s a fun fun time.

The boom and I sat outside and watched a lightning storm. It brought me back to Indiana: the dry summer heat, laying on the quad and looking up at streaks of electricity fork across the sky. I spoke with Schroeder many a night that six-years-removed-July. He was a fellow physicist, but three years ahead of me and six years older than me. A big brother that wasn’t mine. We ran together and lifted together and opined on life. The first workout buddy I ever had.

For him, life was a series of choices; for me, it was an expression of who I was. He could ford his stream, I was just a leaf floating whichever way the current took me. I made the world my stage and thought of myself as a scripted character: free only to feel, never to deviate in action or word from what was planned. But for that my life was closed; I rejected anyone who failed to cooperate with the script and any opportunity which deviated from the plot.

My understanding of my life was naive. I thought the set, the cast, the storyline was fixed. A fixie, if you will. But it’s not.

It’s infinite. I’m infinite. My plan is God’s.

A and I are having such a great night (following a great day). Putting together a bike and listening to our girl Tay.





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