day 198: readin’ bleedin’

I’m on the reading rainbow. I haven’t been this focused since college.

Tomorrow I must provide a summary of my literary efforts and I aim to stun.

“What is this?” Dr. Bird will say. “You’ve practically written a paper! Now you just need to do the experiment and put in the results.” Easy peasy.

I’m staying back from la’Trident today. Goblet squats gave me a run for my money! The gams are feeling achey. Rest = recovery = results.

This morning, I drove to Carderock accidentally. I miss it, but the feeling is peeling off its sad layers to reveal a wistful remembrance, a gratitude for all I learned about life within its gates.

Now to work on my volume. Is there a word for “invisible” that relates to sound? If so, I think someone pressed the “invisible” button on my sound levels. Noone hears me. I stood behind my boss for a solid two minutes today, trying to get her attention. Then I felt awkward and left.

KT the silent


(and on to studying)


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