day 196: ch ch ch ch changes

Oddly enough, I miss the old Rock.

I thought my last-day-blues would only be as long as the last day. But no, in my heart they stay.

I find myself yearning for odd things, such as the layout of the hallway and the faded peeling paint on the walls. I pine for the familiar. I crave the comfort of knowing what I do and who I am.

But there’s the rub. I knew what I did and I knew who I was, but I was not satisfied. I am not satisfied. So I must lay aside my unease and tackle this new adventure with a smile (and a song.)

I don’t want to die a person less than I could be.

I do not define myself solely by what I do, but an integral component of my definition is how hard I try.

So with that I throw away this fear that bubbles up inside and face the winds of change.  They are mighty, but I have all the help I need to withstand them.

Here I go to see my pup,




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