day 193: under the needle

Today, I let Rose stick me like a porcupine.

A sad porcupine with two spines.

Yes, yes, I was dry needled in each trap today. She poked my right and squirmed the needle around, causing spasms up my neck and down my shoulder. It hurt! Then, sweet relief. I could breathe! I don’t think I was getting air in my right side before. then Rose laid me down for a second round. While she prodded my left trap, an intense and tiring wave of achiness washed over my right. On the table I left a pool of sweat, payment for the pain.

That ache continues on both sides, and may go on until Monday.

What is this magick?

Dry needling involves inserting a monofilament needle directly into nerve or muscle to cause a muscle twitch and a reflexive relaxation of the nerve. It can also desensitize pathologically sensitive sensory nerve receptors and major nerve pathways. Research has shown that it can return the electrical and chemical environment within the muscle to its normal state. Needled points draw white blood cells and plasma cells into the area and create a healing response. Most appropriate for acute and chronic pain management, sports recovery, performance enhancement and down regulating overactive nerve pathways.




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