day 175: banana child

I like working at the same base with my dad. It’s fun.

I took two test passages in my study guide today. They were entirely different from my vague expectations. The questions are integrative across subjects and I look forward to learning and beasting them in three months time.

Ankle update: it hurts. A lateral ligament or tendon or something is achey. I believe this may be due to the brace: the fit is poor. Though my PTT is hugged nice and tight, I’ve developed skin irritations along my Achilles and sores on rotation and palpation of my Retinaculum or one of my Peroneuses or all three.

I realize I may be playing with fire, but I will skip the brace tomorrow. Instead I will consciously monitor my arch and alignment, maintaining the integrity of my delicate PTT and giving some relief to the overtaxed supporting structure.

I did not exercise as I intended today. For the remainder of the week, my priorities are:
1. study
2. 100 v-ups, 100 strict presses, 100 pushups (as elbow and foot allow)

Above those, of course, is taking care of the boom.
But -below- those is wasting time feeling sorry for myself after looking at pictures of healthy CrossFitters on Instagram.

Today I also completed a gross monetary assessment of the sacrifices we will be making as a family in these next few months of my career transition. It is a staggering sum and I am so grateful for the support my husband lends to my endeavors, my dreams, my improvement, and my happiness.

KT the lucky one


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