day 169: partial tear and software

So, it’s come to this: I suffer a partial tear of my posterior tibial tendon. What I dismissed as a nasty scrape of the shins reared its ugly head in a mottled bruise along my navicular bone and insistant swelling below my medial malleolus. This tendon, along with its muscley partner in crime named (intelligently) the posterior tibial muscle, is a vital support maintaining the arch of my foot.

Pffffffffft…don’t cry for me Argentina! I will come back better and stronger and fitter than ever! I may require surgery, I may require extra work just to get back what I will lose, but gosh darn it I’ll live to squat heavy and jump high again.

Now I just need patience. My highest priority is to heal well and economically.

Within this same topic of health, I will concentrate my efforts on the following:

  • strict pullups
  • handstand pushups
  • handstands
  • toes to bar
  • the strength of Carl Paoli
  • the technique of Carl Paoli
  • the hip mobility of Diane Fu
  • the ankle mobility of Diane Fu
  • the badassery of a supple leopard
  • hip thrusts, perhaps (gotta do what I can for my posterior chainnnnnnnnn; flat as a surfboard is weaksauce)

Injury is gross. Mobilize your calves, friends. And pay attention when you jump.

My studying is beginning. Great.

I attempted to draw a concept map last night with good old paper and pencil but my notebook was too small and my writing to large to harmonize in ratio for all the concepts and propositions required by an overview of epithileal tissue. Thus, I invested a few hours in finding an appropriate software platform that is functional and pretty. I found both in yEd. Try it! Perhaps one day I’ll be rolling in $$$ and will purchase a license for yWorks; now, the free version is just what I need. I can make nested trees! I am so seriously excited. So so excited. It’s basically going to look like LittleBigPlanet but with SCIENCE. 

Prepare for mind explosions.

Back to the tear: I am pasting a grin on my face whenever I think about it. “Happy thoughts = happy tendons,” as I said to my dad. Happy thoughts = flying, too; just ask Peter Pan.  (Then check with Tink because Peter doesn’t have a good track record with math…always forgetting that pixie dust.) Hindsight is 20/20, but regret: stymie it. I’d be better off carring coals to Newcastle.

ttylxox you healthy-tendoned gems,




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