day 167: little brother (little sister)

“Father’s Day” is, fittingly, “family day” in the S household. My dad has taught us that family is composed of those whom you love most fiercely, those for whom you care most deeply, and those with whom you laugh most freely. His lessons are truer than the tinny sound of “blood is thicker than water;” they command more integrity than untenable snivels for attention and shouts of “obligation!”. He bestows his wisdoms upon us through his consistent example of unfailing reason and unwavering joy.

As I expect he preferred, we spent yesterday together in true family style.

After the requisite brunch and a bit of pool time, la’M and I whiled away a few hours looking at extra-long twin bedding for her fast-approaching freshman fall semester in the wild hills of our great state. I will sorely miss that pretty, silly girl.


What began as a relationship fraught with jealousy and cheek bites (yes she almost bit my cheek off) has bloomed into one of mutually passionate professions of love (orange for kt.)


Also I spoke with the Tank aka little brother. Tank is thirteen going on the terrible twos. Most of the time, anyway. Especially when it comes to taking a shower (therein might lie a family resemblance…) However probably once a day, in a small moment, he’s thirteen going on three hundred: that is, he displays a depth of wisdom and compassion you’d expect from one so old. Then I realize…

Tank is thirteen. He’s supposed to be a pain sometimes. Growing up is hard work.


I didn’t get to see my big brother. But I love being his little sister. He’s the best.


I’m blessed to be a sister, little and big. Thanks mom and dad.

(Thanks be to God.)




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