day 162: schedule and a workspace

it will be good to record the ways in which i spend the minutes in my day. this project in awareness begins tomorrow at approximately 0455. what will brutal honesty reveal?

tomorrow, also, we get a table. a table for me to study upon. a table for me to read and draw and learn upon. a table for me to create upon. upon upon upon (amuck amuck amuck).

today i fearlessly leapt onto the 24 inch box; hooray! it let me grin until i got to the my third round of fifteen; eleven jumps in, my toe catches and scrrrrrrape goes my shin. box, you won the battle, but you will not win the war.

little boom gave me extra kisses when i got home. then she pouted a bit because it’s been a very stressful day for a pup. a construction team has been directly outside our window all day, banging and shouting and interrupting the sweet girl’s sleep.


i hugged her and rubbed her belly and now she’s snoozing away, pressed up next to A.

it’s been a great day. i read more on the topic of deliberate practice. i found a table. i had a great car-ride with A: WMZQ was spot-on. i had a good workout, despite the wound: 125# on the bar felt light for the deadlifts; 10 consecutive toes to bar; 24 inches without the cowardly pre-jitters. my conversation with my best older brother was had outside in the warm fragrant air of a long summer day (thank you, Earth, for your 23.5 degree tilt); evidence of CrossFit and heat was left on the stairs in the form of a butt-sweat.


notice if you will the new shoes A bought me #suchaluckyduck. i made carnitas and showered. i gave boom more kisses. i gave A more smiles.

i notice that i rarely write about ideas or concepts or connections or understandings anymore. perhaps my resolution to write everyday robs me of resources to record my detanglings of the world as i see it (and as i should see it.)

love makes the world go ’round.




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