day 159: being home having witnessed a wedding

we have returned. i sit in bed with the pup at my side as A hustles the house into a spotless and gleaming mosaic of tidy surfaces.

the wedding was marvelous. the title of yesterday’s post? it was the closing line of the best best-man speech in the history of such speeches. the groom’s twin is an orator who’s name i can only hope is one day renowned; he pursues his Ph.D. in physics, but his language composition and delivery express a content more wise and loving than any I have heard.

the weekend was not short of “the best speech i’ve heard yet”s. directly before the physicist-poet spoke, the bride’s father opined on the wonders of his daughter and of her love. QED, he said, to these two brilliant mathematicians; QED to their laughter; QED to their journey; QED to their commitment; QED to each individually; QED to their courage; QED to their future.

and before that, msg.’s homily on that central revelation that LOVE is a verb.

and before that, the groom’s father shared most eloquently, most powerfully, the struggles and joys of marriage, of family, of growing, of leaving.


and i see now why the elopement, that small small small wedding i dream(ed) for myself, is wrong.

  1. until this moment, i still dreamed of that private affair. but dreams for the past only lead to sorrow; dreams belong solely to the present, the buds of future’s reality.
  2. witness lends a singular power to impossible, unbelievable events–such as that most beautiful Sacrament of Marriage which is the binding of husband and wife.
  3. the love between the bride and groom is enriched by the love of their loved ones, and in the face of such furious felicity cannot be diminished by a stranger’s sour thought.
  4. if any person felt a modicum of the joy at celebrating our wedding with us that i felt at celebrating my friend’s beautiful wedding with her, how could i ever wish to deny it?


and with this profound realization, i am healed of another small (but in a very large way) scab that vexed my heart of hearts.


is free


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