day 153: kombucha

My student takes her final tomorrow; summer continues to arrive in its small ways. Gosh I love the ebb and flow of the school year; it was the aspect I most eagerly anticipated when I plotted a career as a physics professor.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the huge decision to turn from that path. How hard, how much, did I wring my hands and sob over the choice? I am glad I have a dream for myself again.

Also about one year ago, I tried my hand at brewing kombucha. All I brewed was mold, yuck.

It’s a crazy-expensive habit at $3.29 per bottle; I drink one a day at least. This Friday, Whole Foods is running their annual 2 for 1 deal but we’ll be out of town. Full price for these fools.


I drank one today while tutoring. Boom came and asked for a taste; I obliged. She made a face, then went to town. She, too, has a taste for it. Sweet, sweet pup.

She slept in my lap while I forwarded math problems and practiced saying “adjacency matrix” and other graph terms in a deeper octave than my natural tendency. Gotta keep the old chords working. Gotta stop sounding like Snow White on Helium.

Anyway, kombucha is delicious. If anybody has a non-moldy skogie, please share :) please :)

Now to join my slumbering beau and boom


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