day 149: lemons/lemonades. also, weak ankles.

So, after a great conversation with dearest and darling-est popsicle (cue WICKED soundtrack) I got off my bottom and back onto the community college course website.

And back to my transcript.

It turns out that I definitely have credit for the General Biology series (woohoo!) so taking it again this summer would have been redundant. I thought as much but believed I had to take it for GPA credit hours. NO! I checked CCLM’s FAQ’s as below

Q23.Are  AP credits accepted for premedical requirements?

Answer:Yes, AP credits are acceptable for mathematics, physics, and general chemistry. They are not accepted for organic chemistry or biology. If a student does have AP biology credits, they must complete two upper level biology courses to complete their premedical requirements.

Upper level biology courses aren’t offered until the Fall, so yay! I thought I shot myself in the foot but it turns out I tripped and opened my eyes to find a better road.

I’ll take General Microbiology and General Genetics in the Fall along with Organic Chemistry II. I also have room in the schedule to take General Biochemistry woot woot! Won’t that be cool. And hard. I might delay the Biochem until the spring semester.

And MCAT in January oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah (dance dance dance.)

Get excited friends, it’s going to be a great couple of months.

Also also also I think my hips are pretty mobile now YAY.

My ankles are suuuuuper not. Time to crack open Supple Leopard and work on these bad boys!!!

Pistols , I’m gunning for you.




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