day 148: milking a sweet potato

Today was a home-wod day — 60 push presses FTW! with the good old bare bar.

home-wods plus recent failures-due-to-procrastination (see below) mean afternoon-success!

I groomed the boom; she looks so cute sporting her barely-there summer cut.

I conquered a nasty little headache.

I remembered to thaw everything needing thawing.

I made sweet potato fries: as I cut the final lucky tater, I noticed there were spots of a milky substance arranged in a perfect ring about a centimeter within the lumen. I chopped a disc; then another; then another and another. I thought “oh boy, this must be a mom potato.” And then I thought “oh no what if it’s MOLD it’s going to kill us alllllllll.” And then I googled and it turns out that it’s perfectly okay: the potato secretes sap which protects itself from infection and water loss. Good job potato, well done; if only I could similarly protect myself. You were definitely delicious. And definitely not moldy.

Hooray for milking sweet potatoes!



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