day 147: crastination

PRO-crastination to be exact.

But I’m not very “pro” for it at all. That is, my actions are “pro” but dammit golly gee, I certainly get annoyed with myself. My sensible aspects, aka me right now, are extremely anti-crastination, as evidenced by the amount of yelling that my present self is doing to my past self.

I had TWO MONTHS to register for summer classes and I wait until the LAST DAY.

Serves me right for being shut out. Now instead of the three classes I planned to take, I’m not eligible for ANY classes. This is awful.

Awful I say!

How will this affect my two year plan? Miserably.

What can I do about it? Use the summer to MCAT my butt off.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone
― Pablo Picasso

I’m like the UNDERMINER! I UNDERMINE myself.



p.s. if you didn’t get the reference, re-watch The Incredibles.



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