day 119: deadlift

what if I changed dawn points to dead lifts?

also, my sistwer is wonnnnnnnderful.

the end.



6 thoughts on “day 119: deadlift

    • ;) I keeeeeep tryyyyyying but nothing stand up to how amazing you actually are. Words (at least those available to me) just can’t capture you my sistwer

    • freaking swwwwwweet. how do you come up with such nuggets of gold? do they just pop out of you like poo? you look down into the toilet and there it is–comedic treasure–all ready to make me laugh? h-i-larious.

      • Close, im in class and bored out if my mind….the only mental stimulation i get is reading this awesome blog, hence the occasional nugget of comedic doo doo. #poop #noonnudeclass

      • #noonnudeclass will happen one day. #barbellsforboobs #literally. class? so late? I would be snoozingggg. awesome readers make an awesome blog (thank you for saying it is)…people should be reading it for -your- comments. hi-larious.

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