day 112: a weekend on a tuesday

I skipped Trident today, on purpose. (Not to be confused with porpoise; we don’t have any porpoises in these waters. Or porpi for that matter.)

It’s all odd: my weariness has been oddly heavy these past two days. I’ve had to sit down at my stand up desk. I chuckle when I picture how odd I must look with bum planted, neck craned, and shoulders awkward to reach that computer oddly stacked on all those boxes and books. It was for my ultimate well-being though, for I was not confident I could keep my feet about my odd self. My odd seated posture would have nothing on the comical prowess of an oddly spontaneous pass-out/wipe-out. Say odd ten times fast. (It’s not hard…it just makes you sound odd.)

Anywho, though I didn’t go to dear Trident, I did have a productive afternoon. I completed all those tasks I would normally delay to next weekend but which I should have done last weekend. Oh the life of a hustler…those Sats and Suns can seem just like the Mons.

I’m a rambler tonight. Not ashamed, just listening to my thoughts roll slowly by as Edward Sharpe serenades and claps at me and boomer adds her sweet syncope with snores and sighs.

Gee ain’t it just a good old day.


That’s almost at an end.
Love to you sunny folks out there.
Love to you stormy and sleepy ones too.
Love love love (sing it you singing fool)


3 thoughts on “day 112: a weekend on a tuesday

  1. Today you didnt even have to use your AK! Today was a good day – ice cube


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