day 111: well isn’t that fun

Read the title as “day one one one…” and you get a rhyme! Yay!

If you read it as “one eleven” more naturally, here’s an alternate finish: “unbereaven.” (read the “reav” syllable as “rev”; it’s a good rhyme. Totally good.)

I do love rhymes. The first “well isn’t that fun” refers to the fact that I had a rhyme in my mind. (cue A’s “dork” comment which always makes me laugh.)

The second is also true: despite (because of?) the fact that we both suffer sleep-deprived delirium and troubling circumstances (me: WHERE is that manila folder? A: WHY are others incompetent?) we are happy-dancing, exclaiming at the deliciousness of coffee, rocking phone interviews (woohoo woohoo take that phone-phobia), and almost almost done for the night.

Thus, we are unbereaven. Though it’s hard to determine when the next opportunity for a good night’s sleep will arise (two weeks? three?) we’ve kept smiles on our faces for at least today.

au revoir fair friends


p.s. boomer is quite unbeareven and quite fun and that is quite wonderful.


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