day 84: that was just the warm-up

Looking ahead:

  1. Organize details of applications and application requirements.
  2. Construct comprehensive timeline including pursual and fulfillment of all requirements. Construct associated categorical timelines.
  3. Complete all time-sensitive tasks, especially job applications for research positions, pre-requisite credit applications, and preparation for initial ND interview on 22 April.
  4. Find a mentor, hopefully within one of jobs, who can offer guidance and criticism on route to achieve goals.
  5. Continually formulate and improve application essays and interview presentations, solidifying, clarifying, and formulating.
  6. Complete all outstanding tasks for Navy.
  7. Cater extra-curriculars and activities to application amplification, particularly with regard to volunteer work.
  8. Pursue excellence in every endeavor.
  9. Love the hell out of A and boom.
  10. Pray.

    Read Ecclesiastes. The wisdom of the Bible is staggering.

    Whatever work you find to do, do it with all your might, for there is neither achievement, nor planning, nor science, nor wisdom in Sheol where you are going. — Ecclesiastes 9:10



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