day 79: wall ball fall

I’m doing it one more time, tomorrow. I will get through Karen in 12 minutes!

Stay tight. Stay organized.
KT out


Inert Perfection
by Edna St. Vincent Millay

“Inert Perfection, let me chip your shell.
You cannot break it through with that soft beak.
What if you broke it never, and it befell
You should not issue thence, should never speak?”

Perfection in the egg, a fluid thing,
Grows solid in due course, and there exists;
Knowing no urge to struggle forth and sing;
Complete, though shell-bound. But the mind insists

It shall be hatched … to this ulterior end:
That it be bound by Function, that it be
Less than Perfection, having to expend
Some force on a nostalgia to be free.


p.s. I studied today :)


3 thoughts on “day 79: wall ball fall

  1. Redline out the gate….cheetahs have no pace…and never ever stop on an even number….push past the easy zero and go for one more…rest…3-2-1 Go. The only good pace is a suicide pace and today is a good day to die. Why? Cause to gave it your all, and no one can deny that. The workout is 30 muscleups the warmup is wallballs and DUs. You got this all day….slay bodies.

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