day 76: spilt milk

I spilled my venti-china-green-tips-with-a-bit-of-heavy-whipping-cream-please all over myself today. I couldn’t help but cry. I so very wanted to go home. Or a change of pants.

I also realized that my post for yesterday did not get published. Was this my fault? Yes. I did not confirm that it was, in fact, published. Perhaps I was too eager for bed. In any case, upon discovery (at work no less) I, for a second time, had tears in my eyes.


Damn hormones. Damn PALEO — why are you allowing illness and wimpiness to sneak into my life?

FALSEHOODS, BRAIN OF MINE. Don’t blame paleo and its promises for your insufficiency and weakness! You are a human being, of great potential and ability to seize it! Indeed you are of the race that’s bootstrapped itself to survival! Now, thrive! As an example of said human. Draw on the good of those who’ve come before and are here now: Jesus, who is all Good; A, who shares his complexities and cares and care; Papa, who is so wise; KStar, the leopard of our generation; Fu, a teacher and a master; and those close and coming closer to me. Do it for the good of those who are yet to come: our kids, ourselves, everyone we’ll impact whether we know it or not.

Get organized. Get tight. And stop crying over spilt milk.

She puts her back into her work and shows how strong her arms can be.
–Proverbs 31:17


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