day 69: good health to you

Reviewing the terms for my exam, I am struck by the realization that I am incredibly lucky (and blessed.) There are so many diseases, and I could have any number of them, but it seems I am escaping unscathed. I have been given a great opportunity to pursue my own health without any limitations.

I write this as I struggle with a sore throat that kept me home from fun today (and with my books where I belong.) This pharyngitis is a pittance in the big scheme of things. Besides, I have a pup to cheer me up and a husband to lavish me with the best care, and a steaming cup of homemade bone broth at hand.

And a stride to finish the cardiovascular system before bedtime routines.

Fare thee well, world.

by Rafael Campo

While jogging on the treadmill at the gym,
that exercise in getting nowhere fast,
I realized we need a health pandemic.
Obesity writ large no more, Alzheimer’s
forgotten, we could live carefree again.
We’d chant the painted shaman’s sweaty oaths,
We’d kiss the awful relics of the saints,
we’d sip the bitter tea from twisted roots,
we’d listen to our grandmothers’ advice.
We’d understand the moonlight’s whispering.
We’d exercise by making love outside,
and afterwards, while thinking only of
how much we’d lived in just one moment’s time,
forgive ourselves for wanting something more:
to praise the memory of long-lost need,
or not to live forever in a world
made painless by our incurable joy.


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