day 67: 13.1

Obviously I’m a little behind the fury and excitement train that left the station when 13.1 was originally broadcasted on Wednesday evening. However, I still feel the flush on my cheeks and a slight shortness of breath of my 17 minutes, which ended with me in a pile of my arms, legs, and defeat 11 hours ago. I began mobilizing at the sweet 0730 hour and approximately 3 hours and 2 open hips later, the 3…2…1…GO launched me to 40 burpees, 30 #45 snatches, 30 burpees, and a handful of attempts with one success at 30 #75 snatches.

I completed 101 reps. I was aiming for 150. (I aim high.) I am really thankful I got that “1” in my 101. So many people came over to help me. Mr. K was there, telling me to get angry, knowing with me the bar was too damn light to beat me. When I missed again, my screams were foul and feral. Steph was there, reminding me of everything Rick taught me. Double D told me to stop watching my bar and to extend! extend!; I felt as thought I was noticed by a great sensei, and I yearned to show him I was worth the glance. Ant and Kay were there judging and counting. A was there, cheering me, hurting with me, rejoicing with me. It was a great WOD, and I am tired.

Also, I aced my intake quiz. Final is on Wednesday. Gold star here I come.

Goodnight Neverland


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