day 66: 17 minutes

You’ll not regret the ones you spend watching this. Or doing this.

My 17 minutes comes tomorrow.  I am shooting for 130 reps. It is a big number for me because I can -just- snatch that #75. Goal for this time next year: be able to move all Rx weight of 13.1.

Tomorrow also bring tutoring and my third classroom session with the le petite quiz-of-reckoning.

My little scribing notebook is coming along. It’s a bit chubby so it feels comfortable in my hand. Lots to fill (and learn) by Wednesday (which is le grande “final”-of-reckoning.)

Yesterday’s BTIW: C&J at 105

Today’s BTIW: I made A laugh so hard, he almost cried

I have more to say on 17 minutes. I’ll let the ideas ruminate and finish “on the ‘morrow.”


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