day 52: waa waa waa waa

Would somebody call the waaaaambulance?

Okay. I’ll be straight with you (aka me). Straight as the Strait of Gibralter.

I’ve been a whiner this week.

I have a great job, a tolerable job, and a new job that will lead to an even better job that is probably my vocation aka a step toward the life is good motto: do what you like, like what you do.

aside: I think it’s funny that a motto has a motto
aside from aside: “What’s a motto?” “Nothing. What’s a motto with you?”

Frankly, I have three jobs, none of which I hate.

Bratwurst-ly, I am a member of Trident CrossFit.

Let’s-take-it-up-to-Wagyu-steaks-ly, I have a family I love and who loves me back. And God loves me. Freaking God, the coolest and only Trinity ever, loves me, the coolest and only KT ever.

And what have I been doing? “Waaaaaa I’m tired.” “Waaaaaa I want to work out.” “Waaaaaa I don’t want to teux deux.” “Waaaaaa this coffee is so hard to grind.” “Waaaaa I don’t have the muscle-to-fat ratio of Christmas Abbott/Andrea Ager/Lindsey B. Smith.” “Waaaaaaa I’m tired.” “Waaaaaaaa I’m tired.” “Waaaaaaaa I’m tired.”


Things I’ve done to become BTIW:

1. no interference between blogging time and bed time yay!

2. shared my freshly-ground-the-minute-before-with-a-pint-of-elbow-grease coffee with workmates

3. spent more time working AIME math problems (so fun) than re-reading paleo recipes

4. convinced myself I was pretty for about ten minutes (eternity)

KT out


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