day 51: 1234

So, today I have not one, not two, not three, but (you guessed it) FOUR “better than I was”s to record. (Heretofore “better than I was”s will be denoted BTIWs.)

1. Not once did I glance at my phone while in the car with A

2. I spent more time coding than time browsing at work

3. I did NOT eat as soon as I walked in the door (bad habit breaking)

4. I rested before Oly and subsequently rocked my lifts (tanks MRCS!!!) (see sequence of posts last week for the full story)

Now that you’ve heard the song, you also know there’s a 569and10…

5. I had the most aggressive play session ever with boom–she was barking and talking and howling like a tornado as I danced around her and covered her with our parachute duvet

6. I got over my irrational intolerance of Tommy Tai for a moment (this is HUGE; he is a hand rubber and a slurper)

9. Pretty good time management

10. I sang on the way home from Oly. I sang a Christmas song. Chestnuts. My heart is happy.


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