day 40: some mo’ samoas love, with dragons on the side

boomer is hugging my arm as she sleeps on her pillow. I am distracted by the love she is giving to me. love and distraction…love and aggression…I am clearly obsessed with love.

puppy love

love and the pup

My obsession with living emphasizes loving when February arrives. The 14th quickly approaches and love gifts mock me with peeks over the horizon. Among the very many things exciting me for this Valentime’s Day are the cookies I will bake for A and his good friend NM, insta-korean-super-zombie-wod-er. Initially I planned sugar cookies decorated with dove-y sayings and pretty patterns in pink paleo piped frosting. I expected they would pair perfectly with A and NM’s man-date to the shooting range. Guns and cookies–cue enthusiastic fist bumps.

The sugar cookies were vetoed; A prefers chocolate. I explained that pink frosting does not pair well with chocolate chocolate chip cookies. He explained that they are a gift for his man-date so they ought to be what he wants. Sad, I searched for special chocolate cookies worthy of a special day. I found Elana’s samoas. The promise of paleo’d Girl-Scout-cookies-now-retired makes up for the dashed alliterative decorating plans. I can’t help but dance at the thought of making and baking. *dancedancedance*

Valentime’s Day (sounds so much kawaii-er than “Valentine’s Day”) is coming soon, but the New Year is here. My satisfaction for being born in a Year of the Dragon is very dragon-like; smug and vehement.



In any case my year is at an end.


Goodbye Dragon. A cover of your imaginings, radioactive:



shower time


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