day 36: high five

Highlight of a pie-in-the-sky high day: high five from M.

A just quoted the sentence above word for word as I bragged about how funny I am tonight, meaning to explain my sudden humorosity. He had not yet read it. Either my speech patterns are highly predictable or A has access to my drafts.

M’s high five was deliberate. She approached me and said something positive (oh those precious words have already escaped.) I must have had the biggest foolish grin on my face. It’s a little bit pathetic, my awe for M. It’s also a little bit dangerous. Last week we worked out in the same class. She walked past and star-struck I let my bar slip out of my hands, straight into my knees and down my shins. The #85 pounds of bruises are still tender.

Moving on from my evident psychological problems, I made some progress in the gym today: 14-pound wall-balls felt solid (uncomfortable, but solid) and I got through 3 rounds of 5 TTBs before I started just pulling my knees up above my waist. Awesome blossom.

Mechanics to fix: don’t squat so low during wall balls; don’t let knees track over toes in squats particularly at the bottom; land softly.

Concepts learned: stability can inhibit our capacities to live.

Other good moments: mini-nap, boomer carrots, car rides, tswift

this is not me.
this is andrea ager.
this is one goal.


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