day 29: why not?

Confidence isn’t necessarily believing that the outcome will be positive, but not actually caring that it might be negative.

Buddhist monks and psychopaths: reflect and research.

Overhead stability: the overhead position sometimes makes me feel as thought I’m drowning. Sometimes it makes me feel really strong. Sometimes I feel the most stable there. Foster confidence. Why not?

KB’s cool. So’s MRCS and AS.

Mobilize left as well as right side. Right arm had at least 10 degrees on left arm overhead. Perhaps I would have gotten 19 in the last round too if the left could have shifted with my weight. Also, hips back. Downward dog feels better after squat therapy.

During my last set, I felt I looked like d.

H’s birthday is tomorrow. Cupcakes baked; note for the future: banana belongs in muffins not cupcakes. For the entrance to manhood:

Boys Wanted

Boys of spirit, boys of will,
Boys of muscle, brain and power,
Fit to cope with anything,
These are wanted every hour.

Not the weak and whining drones,
Who all troubles magnify;
Not the watchword of “I can’t,”
But the nobler one, “I’ll try.”

Do whate’er you have to do
With a true and earnest zeal;
Bend your sinews to the task,
“Put your shoulders to the wheel.”

Though your duty may be hard,
Look not on it as an ill;
If it be an honest task,
Do it with an honest will.

In the workshop, on the farm,
At the desk, where’er you be,
From your future efforts, boys,
Comes a nation’s destiny.


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