day 27: everyday a date

The sun streamed through the blinds, lightly patterning our parachute duvet. Boomer stretched her stretchy stretch then bounded from A to me and back again, artfully mimicking Neil Armstrong’s limited-gravity steps. After a bit of my own stretching, Boom and I left for our pre-breakfast stroll in the chilly new day.


getting ready

Returning, Boomer patiently sat for paw-cleaning then scarfed the chicken and rice her papa had prepared. I sent emails, then joined A and Boom for a post-breakfast snuggle. Blissful morning.



The day ensued: Indian costumes, models, forgotten water, Barbour jackets, “speak engrish”, combinatorial arguments for Fibonacci properties, apple dutch tarts, sweet dessert, crazy broken muscles, steam mopping, fancy wine, stalking mom and dad, laughing with la’M, A being awesomely amazing at washing/folding/organizing while I write until we go to sleep again (which is in a couple of minutes.)

A and I probably won’t get a chance to go out on a date this January. But with days like today, and yesterday, and the day before, and even the day before that, “going out” is unnecessary for a date. Even things I used to hate, like sitting in the car for HOURS, are date-worthy. It’s fun. And awesome.



Sheldon Cooper is fantastic.


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