day 24: stop stopping

The sweet pup was sick today. I stayed home with her.

sweet, sick pup

sweet, sick pup

I know what to chase. I know why I’m chasing it. But sometimes I just stop. Or I walk in circles. Or I fall down. Sometimes it seems I give up.

But I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to eat a million cookies or waste away a day. I don’t want to play with my computer instead of with my pup. I don’t like that; why do I do it? Why do I prowl Facebook instead of wandering my neighborhood? Why do I munch on chips while I get lost in wishing I could do what others do? Why do I revert to old habits that stall my progress?

Here is where it’s useless to ask why. “Why?” isn’t usually a useless question, but the root of my behaviours continues to elude me. Searching for the answer wastes time. So, I consider it in black-and-white relief.



There is a white response to my black habits: keep going. (Stop stopping.)

black habits white snow


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