day 7: meniscus

As I read through the freshly pressed line-up on my phone, I noticed the regimented lines of text indicated a slight hump in the center of the screen. I quickly tapped to the home-screen and there it was too; a definite convex meniscus.

I cannot conclude whether it is the graphics’ illusion or a physical manifestation of the glass, but more likely than not the meniscus has existed since I received the phone, over a year ago. Now I have seen it, I cannot not see it.


Above is the first picture I took with my phone (uninstagrammed, gasp!) and I see a definite tilt on my screen.

I also have a meniscus: several in fact. Now I must learn all of them, and keep them healthy by squatting with knees out hips open shins vertical torso upright toes forward.

MCAT CrossFit connection, score!!! And to close the circle (all menisci require closure):


Miru tokoro hana ni arazu to iu koto nashi,
omou tokoro tsuki ni arazu to iu koto nashi

There is nothing you can see that is not a flower;
There is nothing you can think that is not the moon.

松尾芭蕉 – Matsuo Bashō

Classical Japanese Database, Translation #172 (Translation: Reginald Horace Blyth)


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